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SLED Light Source

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SLED Light Source

SLED light source is a UWB light source designed for some special area as sensing, fiber optic gyroscope, laboratories and so on.(this come from: www.fiberer.com technology engineers group), Comparing with the broadband light source, it is with high output power and covers a wide spectral range. It has desktop (for laboratory applications) and modules (for engineering applications) types. The core of the source is a special high out power SLED whose 3dB bandwidth is up to 40nm or more, integrated by the special circuit, we can place some SLED together to make the output spectrum flat. Unique ATC and APC circuit ensure the stability of the output power by controlling the output of SLED. The output power can be adjusted within a certain range by adjusting the APC. It is with simple and intelligent operation and with remote control.
  • Features of SLED Light Source
  • Characteristics of SLED Light Source
  • Performance Parameters of SLED Light Source
  • Application of SLED Light Source
  • Features of SLED Light Source
The radiation characteristics of SLED light source are between the semiconductor laser and semiconductor light-emitting diode. With the development of gyroscope, optical coherence tomography (OCT), distributed optical fiber sensing, white interferometer, SLED has derived from a number of products, which can be divided according to the light source covered wavelength range and their light polarization properties etc. Especially with the development of interferometric fiber optic sensors, the polarization properties of the light source have gained more widespread concern. In accordance with the polarization properties of the light source, the SLED light sources development has got the two extremes: high polarization and low polarization SLED light source.

Characteristics of SLED Light Source

?Wide spectral range 800~1600nm
?Low coherent degree
?Selected central wavelength
?High power stability
?Excellent spectral flatness
?Devices, modules, desktops to choose
  • Performance Parameters of SLED Light Source

  • Application of SLED Light Source
1. Optical fiber sensing system
2. Passive device production and testing
3. Optical fiber gyroscope
4. Optical fiber tester

5. National defense and military research

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    SLED Light Source

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